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Today i thought would be a good day to tell two of the most supportive and trustworthy people i know about what happened at the beginning of this year. i thought it was a good idea because i want to be honest with my friends. if you are experiencing something that is hard for you to talk about. Then dont tell forced to tell anyone until you are ready.

If you have any questions or just want someone to talk to, then email me at abettame2014@gmail.com.



My friend

I have an amazing friend who is very intelligent and has a fantastic personality. I met her in church one day and we have been friends since. She is in my English class and she sits right next to me. Well this is when I became really shocked about what she Said to me, SHE CALLED HERSELF FAT. At this point I became really sympathetic because I know how it feels to fell bad about yourself, I told her and I keep telling her she isn’t fat but she doesn’t listen to me. In my opinion everyone is gorgeous inn there own way and no one should ever make you feel bad about your self.

please leave a comment if you have ever had something bad said about you or you have  ever felt self conscious and let’s make a stand against all the horrible people out there. If you don’t want to write a comet that everyone can see send me a private one or email me At abettame2014@gmail.com

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I am a 15 year old girl who has suffered her whole life being bullied, some cases worse than others. However, my worst experience has been over the last 5 months possibly longer. My bully is in my …

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I am a 15 year old girl who has suffered her whole life being bullied, some cases worse than others. However, my worst experience has been over the last 5 months possibly longer. My bully is in my year at school and for this I am going to be referring to her as (shar). The reason for this is I don’t want people finding out who she is.

The bullying stated when shar moved to the school in September 2015, she became friends with one of mine, and when I fell out with my friend the bullying started.

It began with a glare here and there, the glares didnt bother me to much but then it progressed to verbal. This then started to make life quite hard the things she would say we’re horrible and disgusting , she would call me a slut, skank, slag, fat whale, c*nt, bitch, and she would say stuff if I was wearing jeans instead of school trousers. It would be “she isn’t wearing school clothes because she is to fat to fit into them” and a lots more. It had  been like this everyday since September.

Then at the start of March this year it started to get physical. She would push past me in the corridor and say why did I push her, she punched me in the arm  and In the stomach, she walked up to me and kicked me for no aparent reason(that was caught on camera) this went on for months.

Whilst all of this was happening I was starting to become a completely different person, i became very agitated, would get upset and angry about every little thing, I starting having a go at teachers, pushing my friends away, I wasn’t my usual bubbly self I also became very stressed and didn’t sleep properly. I still dont but hopefully that will eventually change. This all hurt me because my personality is who I am and I couldn’t cope anymore at some point I felt like a worthless piece of crap and asked my self why was I even Alive because no one wanted me here. I didn’t care anymore, I felt that no matter what I did wouldn’t matter, but then I thought about my mum and how it would affect her and my niece and not being able to watch her grow up and of course the rest of my family and friends. So I tried my hardest to fight all the bad and negative thoughts and I did. I have never told anyone one this because I didn’t want to seem attention seeking and I didn’t want people worrying about me.

When the physical stuff started I spoke up. I told my mum and (Mr F) the support teacher for my year. I started to keep a record of everything that was happening. So that if I retaliated they would know that it was for a reason. When I told them I thought it would all be okay. It wasn’t. The school didn’t even tell shar’s parents. They had know idea theta there daughter  had been physically abusing me for months.

When I got kicked my mum said if another incident happened she was going to go to the police. This scared me because I couldn’t believe how actually bad it was now. I said okay and the next day there was another incident so my mum called the police. They come to take my statement a week later.

They told me that they were going to use the cctv footage of the kick and make it into a crime case, because they had proof they said that, if shar denies it she will be arrested there and then but if she admits it and understands what she has done wrong she would be given a community resolution. Which means that if she accepts it she isn’t allowed to say anything horrible anymore and she isn’t allowed to touch me.

When the police came round to tell me that I felt so relived that it was finally over. I showed them out after we had finished talking and as I was walking up the stairs my mum asked how I felt and as I got to the living room door I collapsed into a heap on the floor.  I couldn’t stop crying and i couldn’t breath I just felt so relieved , I felt like I was as light as a feather and a massive weight had been lifted. Just to know it was finally over and that I wasn’t allowed to be bullied by her anymore or else she would be arrested. I have now had an apology from her and hopefully she has learnt her lesson.

The whole reason of me writing this is to get it through the to people who are being bullied. SPEAK UP because silence dosent help. Tell somone, anyone and don’t suffer alone like I did for the first couple of months.

I will be posting any updates if you read this and would like some support, email me at abettame2014@gmail.com. I hope this can help you.